Prescreening Process

Generate a sample list:

Option 1:Simply add the product found on our website. And choose the "Quality control" at checkout.

Option 2:Email us a list of products not on our websites. Send inquiry here >>

Customer makes decision on what to reject.
The trick: As long as the product is still in China, most factories allows free return & exchange.

We order samples from factories and inspect them upon receiving.We provide inspection photos/ videos to customer.

We ship samples that passed our inspection to customer for FINAL APPROVAL

We have solved two problems for you

1.Waited a long time to get samples ship from China.

2.If you end up not liking the samples, it is a hassle to return and get refund.

Our Service Charge:

FREE:The service is free if you simply need us to collect samples and not inspect or take photos. Otherwise,our processing fee is 7% of product price; and the fee is refunded if you order again.

Email us at
to discuss or send inquiry here and we will have our account service manager to get back to you within 24hours