1) Wholesale prices with low minimum order requirements


Combine shipping from multiple sellers to give your much better deals than "free shipping" prices you get on other sites

Fact: for a 3KG shipment, our cost is about 30% lower and we ship much faster (9-15 day vs. 20-30 day delivery)

We are different
  Buying from Individual shops on other sites Buying from Our Website
Listing Price Same Same
Combine shipping from multiple suppliers No, each shop ships separately and incur freight cost each time. Yes, one shipment
Is price lowered when ship more? For example, shipping two T-Shirts costs the same as shipping one. No Price is lowered.
"Free shipping price" always have shipping cost built in it. It is reduced when combine shipping. We pass on the savings to you.
Business Discount No We offer four tiers of VIP discounts, and provides business volume prices for each product.
Focus on small business No Yes, we only work with businesses and strive to become your long-term supply chain for products with high resell margin.
3rd Party Quality Control No Yes, we check products from each vendor. Catch problems early on to save you time and money.
Shipping Time Typically 20-30 days if you want cheap "free shipping price" 9-15 days with price matching competitors' much slower shipping
5-9 days price is also offered with deep discounts.
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