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ImportExpress was founded in 2005 in Shanghai China, and has offices and warehouses in Shanghai and Shenzhen China and Los Angeles USA. The company has over one hundred well-trained staff. Our annual revenue is over 20 million USD and fast growing.
We purchase goods on your behalf from China, and offer many benefits:
  • Payments in your currency are accepted through PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and Bank transfer.

  • Order small quantities from Chinese vendors who don’t previously take your order

  • Buy at the price you found with zero markup

  • Inspection (including color, design, obvious visual defects and quantity) can be conducted by our team

  • Items to be consolidated into a single shipment upon receiving your order. Your items will be repacked to reduce size and weight.

  • Cheapest international shipping fees

  • Guaranteed compensation for lost & damaged items.

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