Ms Mar is a wedding planner in South Africa

She sent us two emails below in the beginning:

Hello my number is 18585.

I would like to know what the shipping cost would be for the candelabrum 8822 is? Also what material is it made of. Last what kind of discount is given to business owner on this item?

Quantity: 24 total=2 lots

I have a bride who's wedding is in December.She wants a dress made from CREPE (ivory colour) attached. Can the people whom made my other dresses make this dress? I attached clear pictures.

In the end, we helped the customer to order the candelabrum from the factory, and the factory took 2 weeks to produce everything.For the wedding dress, we picked the material as customer’s requirement. Wrote several emails to confirm the details and the size. And after 2 weeks, we received the dresses and my customer felt satisfied.