Pet Store in USA

Ms Carol owns a pet store in USA, and she wants her logo on all products she bought.

“It was great talking to you tonight (your morning) too. I have no problem with the term dc we spoke of regarding my current orders as well as the future orders. This will benefit my business well and it will benefit your company as well. Getting 20% off plus samples will be great! I can't wait to get my orders from you.

I have a few questions:

1. Is there any way I can have a tag with my company's logo used on the clothing I buy? What are the requirements?

2. Do you manufacture the labels or do I have to provide them to you?

3. How much time will this add to receiving the order? How much does this cost?"

We satisfied her request. She now has already ordered over $7000 and buys from us every two weeks.

If you have the same/similar requirement, contact us now.

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