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QWhat we offer
A Each business customer will get a professional client service manager. They provide personal attention to each customer. Please make sure your email address is valid.
Q How to reset password?
A If you remember your original password,Sign In and go to [your account] first, then click the [Login & Email] to reset password in the next page.

Or [Find Password] from the log in page.
QHow to express my specific needs?

In the shopping cart table, you will see the "Remark" column, click and leave your notes.

QDifferent order status

You can log in your account to see the order status:

Verifying your payment with PayPal or your credit card-checking your payment

Payment received,verifying details of the order--checking your order

Under purchasing--Searching for products

Purchase in process.supplier is checking stock and preparing to deliver--Buying products

Out of stock,recommand similar substitution--the products required is out of stock and client manager will recommed similar products to you

Confirm the substitution--confirm with customer if the recommeded products if acceptable or not

Products arrived our warehouse and ready for inspection--finish purchasing and the products arrive our warehouse to be checked

Products arrived our warehouse, unqualified--the products arrived is unqualified

Products arrived our warehouse, passed QC and ready for dispatch--the products arrived is all good and ready to dispatch

QWhat does combine shipping mean?

We combine orders from different suppliers and consolidate multi parcels to one shipping for you to save money.

QHow can I find electronics of right voltage and plug?

Please contact us directly if such info is not specified in product description

QHow to order samples?

Simply buy minimum quantity, and when you order more later, the price difference will be refunded to you. Of course, you can always return the sample if there are quality issues. If you become VIP, we can reduce Minimum Order for many products.

Or if you have your own factories source and want to us to collect, check quality and combine shipping for you to save money, you can also follow our sampling procedure below:

Customer gives us a list of factories to collect samples from and pays for sample cost (typically at retail price).

We order samples from factories and inspect them upon receiving.

We provide inspection photos/ videos to customer.

Customer makes decision on what to reject.

We ship samples that passed our inspection to customer for FINAL APPROVAL.

The trick: As long as the product is still in China, most factories allows free return & exchange.

QCan you help me check the products before shipping?
A Yes, if you order and checkout through our website, your order status including all the item inspection photos will be shown in your order anyway and it is free of charge. If you have your own factories source and want to us to collect samples from and check quality, we will order samples from them and inspect upon receiving. And our processing fee is 7% of product price.
QHow can I buy different sizes/specs of the same item?
A You can select different size/specs and add to cart.
or you can leave notes after you add to cart and you can easily find the [Remark] column in shopping cart page.
QHow can I get invoice

If you need a copy of your invoice, you can print one for any order you've placed.

To print an invoice:

Go to Your Account and Orders.

Click View Order Details next to the order.

Click View or Print Invoice on the top of the order summary.

Click your browser's Print button.

Q How does the drop shipping works and what do i need to apply?

Here’s a picture shows how the drop shipping usually works:

Temporarily there are 3 ways to place drop shipping orders on our website:

Option 1. Add to order online

You will find [Add to Resell List] button at product page, click and you can add the product to your drop shipping sell list.

Option 2: Use Excel Order Template. Click here to download

Option 3: Use API. Click here

In addition to the above, we’re now developing the Shopify installed app, aka. Our website Drop shipping at top speed, with which you’re able to directly import product lists from our website to your Shopify store if you have one.

For more information, please refer to this page

QHow to pay?

For small order quantities, please pay on our website with PayPal or Credit Card.

For large orders, you can use bank wire transfer.

If your order is standard, off-shelf products, please pay 100% upfront.

If your order is customized, please pay 50% upfront to start production and 50% before shipping.

QHow to refund?
A If there were any item/order cancelled, You will find your balance in [Your Account]>[Withdraw]>[Apply refund Amount]>[Choose the related PayPal account]> [Refund].

After we receive your application of balance withdrawl, our account department will refund your money to your PayPal account within the next 3-5 business days.

QDo you ship to my country?
A We ship to the following countries.
QHow can I estimate shipping cost?
A Shipping cost will be calculated automatically when you add a product into shopping cart. We also provide you with tools at ShippingMethods. Notice the final shipping cost will decided by actual weight.
QHow can I konw if the shipping fee is fair?
A Our shipping rate is published on the website and fully disclosed to you before you pay. International Shipping
We use the final package weight to calculate shipping cost. This weight also cannot be falsified because it can be checked by you upon receival. Additionally, the weight is recorded by carriers such as FedEx.
QWhat kind of shipping carriers do you use?

UPS, FedEx, DHL and many other specialized fast freight lines for delivery in 5-9 days

We even offer Ocean shipping service for delivery in 20-30 days when you purchase in bulk amount.

QHow long can your company keep my goods before shipping?
A Maximum duration is one month, after a standard warehouse fee will be charged at $0.5 per day per pallet.
QWhen can I get my goods after I ordered?

You can choose different shipping methods in our shopping cart. We offer air, express as well as ocean shipping. After receiving your order, we use 3-6 days to gather products from different sellers. We then inspect the products and ship to you.

For high volume customers, we hold inventories in our warehouse for free, so that we can ship on the same day we receive orders.

You can always review the lead time before you checkout, as below:

QCan you ship by sea?

Yes, we can, and If you choose ocean shipping, the trade term on our website is “CIF your country”. We will ship to a major sea port to your country, and you will be responsible for custom clearance cost and inland shipping cost in your country. We can also offer door-to-door delivery services (DDP) with additional costs.

Q How can I get the tracking number for my delivery?

You can track your order by login [your account] and click [Track]

Your tracking# can also be seen by login [Your account] and click order [Details].

If your tracking# is not track able, please try it again after 24 hours as there might be delay in information update.

QWhat should I do if my parcel is seized by Customs?

If the items are detained by Customs after the shipment has left China, the buyer is responsible for clearance of the detained items. It is the buyer's responsibility for any Customs duty fees that may be charged upon delivery. How the import duty will be charged depends on each country’s custom policies.

If your items can not be cleared at Customs, you need to provide Our website with the letter authorized by customs stating why they have been seized.

These refer to cases in which the packages are held in detention at your Customs. The dispatching party should be responsible for providing evidence to explain the detention.
Case 1: If the item is held in detention at the dispatching party’s Customs, Our website should make a full refund to the buyer.
Case 2: If Customs proves that the detention happens because the item is prohibited or a replica subject to a fine, Our website should make a full refund to the buyer.
Case 3: If no written certification is provided by Customs about the detention, the goods are deemed to be en route and Our website should handle the case based under the context that the shipping information is incomplete.

QDo I have to pay tax/duty on delivered items from China?

Customs duties WILL NOT be charged if claimed package value is less then the value listed in the following Tariffs Threshold Reference Table:

Country Value
United States USD 800
Canada CAD 20
United Kingdom GBP 15
Australia AUD 1000
New Zealand NZD 300

As you can see the limit for Europe and Canada is very strict. For these countries, we offer special services to take care of duties by us, so that you don’t have to pay anything. If you are still worried, simply try a small order with us first.

>> Read more about Customs,Duties and Taxes.
QHow much tariff and duty for me to import from China to my country?

USA: Pay ZERO tariff if your order value is less than $800 per shipment, and pay ZERO state sales tax. >> Learn more

If your order value is somewhat higher, we can still find ways to ship with zero tariff. If your order value is much higher, please check out the tariff schedule here.

For example

UK: Pay ZERO duty if order value is less than £135, but need to pay 20% VAT Tax for all orders. >> Learn more

VAT = (Product Value + Freight + Duty )*20%

Tariff: check out tariff schedule here Tariff limit of £135 is explained here

For example

European Union: No need to pay tariff if your order value is less than 150 EURO, but need to pay 15-25% VAT Tax for all orders. >> Learn more

150 Euro Duty Free limit (per shipment) is stated here

Duty can be found in the TARIC database

First Step, search


Australia: Pay ZERO duty and tax if order value is less than 1000 AUD. >> Learn more

1000 AUD limit is stated here

Beyond 1000AUD, you need to pay 10% GST tax and duty.Depending on the product, the applicable duty rate can be anywhere from 0% to 10%, however the majority of goods attract a 5% duty rate.

If you live in New Zealand: duty rate can be found here

But,Where the duty/GST liability is less than $60.00, these charges will not be collected. This is stated here;look under "Fees & charges for unaccompanied goods"

Canada: Pay duty, GST or HST and PST for any mail over CAN $20. >> Learn more

For general info and the 20$CAD limit, check out here

For duty rate, please see

QUnsatisfied with our products or service?

Please scroll to the bottom of start page to find Shipping & Other Services > Customer Service

And you can always start a LiveChat or send a request on the right side of individual center

QReturn & Refund
A Our website is committed to eliminate all the worries of your international online shopping. In order to ensure your shopping convenience and security, you have the corresponding standard in every process of shopping in our website, including the return and replacement of goods. > Return & Refund policy
QHow should I cancel the order after making payment?
A We offer full refund if the order is still under the status of "Verifying details of the order" which means we have not start purchase from supplier/factory yet. You should first find the order you want to cancel in your account and click order "Detail" to "cancel item".

For orders cancelled after we have started purchase but have not been shipped, we will offer partial refund after charging a 15% cancellation fee. Please understand that once the order status shows "Purchase in process" which means we have already paid to our supplier/factory for all your order items and they are on the way to our warehouse. If you decide to cancel any item at that time, we will have to process the cancellation with our suppliers and pay extra delivery fee to return them back.