- Generally, customes duties will not be charged for small express packages and postal parcel.
  Customs duties WILL NOT be charged if claimed package value is less then the value listed in theTariffs Threshold Reference Table
- For many countries, we offer shipping methods for customers to pay no duty or VAT. If you have questions about an upcoming shipment, please

Common Duty Rate for USA

Car bumpers 2.5% Microwave Ovens 2% Furniture (wood, metal) Free
Stainless Steel Machinery parts 2.5% Power Generators 2.5% Suits, jackets, blazers, trousers of cotton 9.4%
Windows Frame 2.9% Lithium-ion batteries 3.4% Sweaters of cashmere 4%
Pencils 4.3% Vacuum cleaners Free Lawn Mower Free
Handtools such as Screwdrivers 6.2% Solar cells Free Knives and cutting blades Free
Most medical instruments Free Tablet Computer Free Copper Pipe Fittings 3%
Complete table can be found here.
Duty Calculator