Combine Shipping and Bulk Discount help retailer customer save a lot

Mr. Dixit is a retailer from the UK, he has an online 3C store and he wanted to purchase 13 different items from China, including 300pcs MP3 players, 200 pcs HDMI cables, 100pcs Car Charger Adapters, etc. If he purchases from other website, he need to pay shipping cost for 13 suppliers, and he also need to negotiate with 13 suppliers, which will be very expensive and time-wasting.

Finally, he chose us! We helped him to negotiate with the suppliers and got lower prices; We shipped out all the products together, which helped them save a lot of shipping cost. What's more, his order value was $3755, and we offered him 16% bulk discount, which helped him save extra $550. If he purchases the same products from Amazon or E-bay, it will cost him over $10,000.

In a word, if you are a retailer or wholesaler and sell many different products in your store, then you may like to try us.