Help you save time, costs, and reduce the risks associated with

importing from China

  • Product Sourcing
  • Shipping Consolidation
  • Quality Control
  • Custom Manufacturing
  • Sample Screening

Product Sourcing

Use our search engine to directly identify products you want to source.


(Image format: jpg, jpeg, png. Smaller than 3MB)


* For URL, we only support AliExpress, Amazon.

Once you have identified a product, we will contact the supplier to help you save even more over listed price.
You may also email us with your product needs. Be sure to introduce yourself and order quantity. Email


For existing products on the market, you can send us photos or links of the product on popular websites.
We will quickly identify product sources with the best price for you.
For new products, please email us at, and be sure to introduce yourself and order quantity.


Low Minimum Order Requirement

Instead of buying a thousand dollar of a single product inventory, we allow you to buy lower quantities of different products.
Combine into a single shipment to lower your cost.

Traditional Import Import Express Online Market
Order Size $10000 or more >$500 $20
Price Very Low Low High
Inventory Risk Often stuck with large inventory of few products. Allows you to buy lower quantities of different products. ($200 of product A, $200 of product B…) Combine into a single shipment to lower your cost. Low

Sample Screening

If you have found potential suppliers but not sure about their quality,
you can have samples send to us for inspection, and take real pictures for you.

Hint: as long as the product is still in China, most factories allow free return & exchange.
This way, you can evaluate hundreds of samples at virtually no risk and in a very short time.


Inspection, Labeling and Shipping Consolidation

Product Customization

We can package the product under your brand. Simple customization and changes can also be done such as adding logo.

Product Development Cases Product Customization

New Product Development

Our engineers can help you quickly turn your product ideas from drawing to production floor. We are expert in plastic molding and many other manufacturing methods.

Learn More
New Product Development 【Design Drawing】
New Product Development

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We handle product sourcing, factory audit, project management, translation, quality control...
Our goal is to help you build a stable supply chain for your product. Please send us a message and we will reply within 24 hours.